Independent Art Collaborative Project


a kickass deck of cards.
About Project55

Project 55 is an independent collaborative art project for Purdue students. I started, managed and designed for the project. An inter-disciplinary art project, Project 55 was purely voluntary and open to any artistic souls at Purdue. The idea was to get students to design one or two playing cards each, and get a deck printed for each of the involved designers (52 playing cards + 2 Jokers + 1 logo). It began in Febuary 2014 and finished in April 2014.

The Mission

To put it in simple terms, I wanted to give my classmates a chance to be involved in a design project beyond the classroom. We wanted to do something without any restrictions. Inspired by a similar project some friends had taken a part in, I came up with the idea to design playing cards- the only restriction being the size and bleed measures. I talked about it with a few of my classmates and got a good response.

The Process

I started with putting flyers across campus for volunteers. Once I received an email from them, they were sent a Google Doc to sign up with their choices. The volunteers were also sent instructions for design document setup, along with timelines for submissions. Periodic status updates were sent to participants via email.

Production Costs

I set up a crowd funding page with GoFundMe to raise money and give others a chance to buy a deck of cards. We raised close to a $1000 through this. To figure out the total production costs, I talked with several print shops globally and settled with the wonderful folks at MyPlayingCards.com. Their bulk prices were reasonable and along with the donations from GoFundMe, the per participant cost was brought down to ~$2 per person.

  • Coordinate card design sign ups, deadlines, questions from participants, money, vendors, etc
  • Determine best vendors
  • Generate money to cover production cost
  • Maintain transparency about finances and status of project with backers on GoFundMe
  • Design cards as needed
  • Deliver decks to participants and backers