Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research

Showcasing the talent of Boilermakers
About Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research

JPUR is an annual publication. The content is created, written and designed by students. The publication features on-going research and details them.

The Mission

Every year, the student editors for JPUR receive hundreds of submissions. The editors are responsible for sorting and selecting the articles that will be published in JPUR. Once this is done, student graphic designers take the wheel and get the publication print ready. The layout and typography remains unchanged for a few editions before getting refreshed. In the summer of 2013, I, alongwith a fellow VCD student, were tasked with laying out the 108 page publication.

The Process

My role began after the editors had approved of content. The process started with setting up InDesign file with character styles, paragraph styles, margins, gutter, color mode and pallette. From there, we began flowing the articles, adjusting kerning as we went. Because of the restricted page limit, the content needed to be adjusted for copy or style periodically. Occassionally illutstrations and photography had to be revisited in terms of either recreating or heavily editing them. An Art Director from Purdue Marketing and Media along with a Senior Staff Editor from Purdue University Publishing mentored us through the process.


Final deliverables included 2 print-ready PDFs and completed, packaged InDesign files. For files to be print-ready, we deleted all extra character styles, colors and made sure the resolution of photography was at 300ppi. Print press needed to 2 PDFs in order to print the cover on heavier weight paper than the inside.


Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Office