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TLDR: A designer obsessed with asking questions. Seriously, I could ask questions for hours.

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I love learning about the people experiencing the "experience". My obsession with asking questions stems from this relentless need to learn about people.

As a user experience designer, I'm focused on systems thinking and creating seamless experiences from device to device, and at times, have accounted for how a person discovered the application before becoming a customer.

As a mentor and leader, I bring authenticity and honesty to the table. Plotting personal and professional growth plans gives me energy. And I never forget that everyone can teach me something!

Other Stuff

I Food

Seriously. I'll try everything once. Look at my Instagram if you don't believe me! I typically know about every opening and closing, what's good where, and even what's overrated.

Plant Mom

Seriously, my home is a little jungle. A tropical jungle. I've got plants on as many surfaces as I can!

1 Vi + 3 fluffs

I have a job so I can feed my 2 cats and 1 dog. They're great snugglers and company! Ofcourse this is fun until I switched to a mostly black wardrobe.

Photo Lover

Polaroid, 35mm, and mirrorless SLR owner. Recently added a DJI Mavic Mini 2 to my gear and slowly, painfully, learning to fly it :)

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Work Experience

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Manager of Product Experience

May 2018 - 2021

In addition to Lead User Experience Designer responsibilities, the most notable addition this role brought was managing and growing a team of product designers. Managing a team of designers came with establishing professional growth and skill goals, performance reviews, workload management, as well as leveraging each designers' specialization (design system, user research, user interface design, etc.) to design and ship product.

Key Contributions
  • Developed product shipping processes in collaboration with VP of Product/Engineering
  • Collaborate with other team leads to inform changes to product, and launch successfully
  • Revised platform architecture to make it scalable and adaptable to changing user and market needs, as well as open to additional product modules
  • Gave definition to CareerPlug's user experience strategy
  • Hired and grew a design team to own user experience and design function
  • Oversaw user research process and feedback loop creation
Previous Role: Lead User Experience Designer

As the Lead User Experience Designer, my responsibilities included establishing a design system, auditing the existing platform for usability standards, and identifying workflow/feature improvements to enhance the experience. Close collaboration with the engineering team was critical so that viability was a constant consideration when developing solutions.

Key Contributions
  • Established design system
  • Introducing human-centered practices to product team
  • Designing the beta version of CareerPlug's ATS

User Experience Researcher
Eureka By S/4HANA CIC

March 2020 - August 2020

As a part of the MHCID program at UCI, I led the research for developing an in-app engagement strategy. This strategy leveraged gamification principles to foster healthy competition that boosts productivity, as well as make a very task oriented software more fun to engage with.

User Interface Designer
Watermark Insights

April 2017 - May 2018

My primary responsibility was designing responsive components in compliance with WCAG AA/AAA. Collaboration with interaction designers and product owners plays an important role in developing the best interface. Collaborating with front end developers is a crucial part of the job. Handoffs include, but not limited to, mockups, sticker sheets, style guide and basic animations using Principal/Origami.

User Experience and Interface Designer, HTML and CSS Developer

October 2016 - January 2018

CreativeFox is an online film festival platform that allows users to create, upload and manage their creative profiles and/or festivals. Responsibilities included information architecture, user workflow mapping via Google Analytics, interface design, and front end development. Collaboration with investors, back end developer and other stakeholders remained a crucial part of product development process.

Jr. Creative

February - May, July - September 2016

As a Jr. Creative, responsibilities included assisting art directors in developing concepts based on client briefs. Verizon Wireless was the primary account I worked on. The projects focused on developing designs for interactive content that introduced customers to device features. These experiences lived on the device and were developed by a third party service. The projects had quick turn around times and went through approximately 4 rounds of revisions before delivery.

Renovatio Cloud Solutions

June 2015 - February 2016

As a UI/UX associate, my responsibilities included prototyping mobile apps based on research done to identify personas, competitor analyses, industry trends, and practices.